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Viandes Bonaventure

Taco Seasoned and Smoked Cashews

Taco Seasoned and Smoked Cashews

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Who ever said taco’s had to be eaten on Tuesday? What if we said you could have taco’s anytime and anywhere? That is of course because we’re talking about our absolutely delightful Taco Cashews! Our Taco seasoned Cashews are masterfully hand-prepared right here in St-Lazare, Quebec! From our signature smoking techniques, our hand-crafted seasoning mixes and of course, our quality assurance/packaging all being done by our dedicated team!

Get all of the flavors of Taco Tuesday anytime and anywhere with this deliciously seasoned snack! From the perfect smokey flavor to the amazing chili aroma, our Taco Cashews are the definition of the ultimate savory snack!

Like the flavor of these nuts? Our Taco seasoning is available to purchase in shaker form, perfect for seasoning your choice of protein for Taco night!

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