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Viandes Bonaventure

Jamaican Jerk Smoked Peanuts

Jamaican Jerk Smoked Peanuts

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Our Jamaican Jerk Peanuts are sure to transport your taste buds to the Islands! Masterfully hand-prepared right here in St-Lazare, Quebec! From our signature smoking techniques, our hand-crafted seasoning mixes and of course, our quality assurance/packaging all being done by our dedicated team!

Jerk seasoning is synonymous with chicken however, our team decided that peanuts could use some of the island love as well! Our Jerk Flavour is the perfect mix of heat and the amazing flavours brought on by allspice and clove. If that isn’t enough for ya, our secret ingredients put a little twist on this classic but you’ll have to try it for yourself to find out!

Like the flavour of these nuts? Our Jerk seasoning is available to purchase in shaker form, perfect to use as a dry rub on Pork and Chicken!

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