Weekend at Bonnie's Mimosa

Weekend at Bonnie's Mimosa


In our original blog post about BBQ beef salami, we mentioned that it would also be amazing as an accompaniment to your morning eggs. Well we’ve come up with another item that would go pretty amazingly with those morning eggs and grilled Salami…. Yup we’re talking mimosas today!

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a moment, summer is beginning to come to an end and we’ve got to take advantage of our last bit of perfect grilling weather. To soften the blow of summer ending, why not enjoy something a little tropical, relaxing, and down right weekend enhancing. 

So we present to you: The Weekend at Bonny’s Mimosa!

What you’ll need:

  • Champagne or any sparkling white wine 
  • Southern Comfort (Optional if you want a slight hint of peach flavouring and want to add a little kick of course)
  • Orange Juice (or for a more tropical flavour, any kind of mixed tropical punch or juice, for example orange, pineapple and mango)

The secret to creating a beautiful mimosa is using a champagne flute but if none are available, any wine glass will do.

Next up, make sure to add your juice first and then your shot or half shot of your favorite liqueur. We like to use Southern Comfort or Peach Schnapps.

After that fill the rest of your glass up with your sparkling wine. Quick Tip: your juice and extra shot, should take up roughly half of the glass since you want the light bubbly wine or champagne to sit at the top and mix gradually as you sip. 

And there you have it, some amazing grilled beef salami, eggs just the way you like them, and of course, a gorgeous mimosa to cap off the long work week. 




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