The Next Big Thing in Smoked Meat

The Next Big Thing in Smoked Meat


I guess you could say that, like many of you, I am a true carnivore.  For this reason, today, I want to share something that I am super excited about. I know that many of you have enjoyed the smoke meat chunks featured in one of our first blog posts. Unfortunately, our supplier discontinued that cut. We received more than a few messages from folks like you who were concerned about how they were going to make their smoked meat "steaks" for the bbq. Well, fear not friends. Due to popular demand, we worked hard to find another way to help you get the flexibility you want in portioning your meat at a fair price… and alas, the Smokey Red Quarter Brisket was created and added to our e-store this week.

Now, let's talk about some classic favourites to use some of your delicious "Smokey Red" Quarter Brisket for.

  • As previously mentioned, Grilled Smoked Meat. The Quarter Brisket allows you to cut chunks to your own liking and however many you want. Many refer to this as their smoked meat "steaks." Simply toss some of those chunks onto the grill and get ready for a mouth watering treat!

  • The Smoked Meat Poutine, a true Montreal classic. 

For this dish, you'll need: 

    • French Fries
    • A gravy of your choice or any poutine sauce mix
    • Cheese Curds 
    • Finely chopped smoked meat pieces to sprinkle on top.

Always remember, the order of preparing good poutine is consistency. It is always assembled in this order: fries, cheese curds, warm sauce and then topped with your Smoked Meat. This way, you are ensuring that your cheese gets melted by the warm sauce and the smoked meat sits gently on top of everything.

  • The Smoked Meat, Four- Cheese Grilled Cheese. 

You'll need:

    • Two pieces of bread (we always recommend a good sturdy rye bread)
    • Butter or margarine
    • A few slices of your "Smokey Red" Quarter Brisket - as many as you can handle
    • Grated Mozzarella, Strong Cheddar, Mild Cheddar and Provolone cheeses 

To create this cheesy delight, you'll want to very lightly butter the outsides of your two pieces of bread. Then you'll want to place down a layer of Smoked Meat slices, then stack your cheese on top of that and finish it off with another layer of Smoked Meat before you place your other piece of bread on top. Simply cook this over medium heat in a pan until the cheese is melted and the outside is nicely toasted. Voila! The perfect lunch or supper…. Heck, it's delish for breakfast too! 

 (Psst: you could also make this on the BBQ, just use a cast iron skillet)

There you have it, a few more of my favourite ways to eat smoked meat. I hope you find these ideas intriguing, and I look forward to sharing more fun ideas soon!  

I'd love to hear how YOU like to eat your smoked meat…. So please share! Drop me a message with all the details - pics welcome too! You may just see your ideas shared in a future post.

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