Poke Tuna, Wine and, Beer

Poke Tuna, Wine and, Beer


Congratulations everyone! We made it to Thirsty Thursday! Get ready because this week, we are taking a look at two different drink pairings for our brand new Poke Tuna! Since no two people are entirely alike, we figured we’d cover both sides of the coin here, so one pairing will be wine-based, and the other will be with beer.

So let us take a look at our wine pairing, shall we? Poke Tuna pairs fantastically with Reisling wines due to the strong wine flavour they bring at first and the sweet after taste that follows.

A fantastic Riesling that we personally love and that pairs perfectly with Poke Tuna is Fern Walk Niagara Peninsula 2018. Produced not too far away in Niagara, Ontario, this wine blends perfectly with the rich sushi-esque flavours found in Poke Tuna.

Next up, we have a beer. Generally speaking, people who love beer tend to have a specific brand or type to which they are faithful.  That does not mean you can’t leave your comfort zone now and then for the sake of fantastic flavour. Microbrasserie Trois Lacs has a perfect corn-based Lager that perfectly pairs Poke Tuna and is located close by in Vaudreuil-Dorion!

Riesling Wine: https://www.saq.com/en/14510159

Microbrasserie Trois Lacs Wheat Lager: https://www.3lacs.com/product-page/première-impression

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