New product information and our 2022 plan

Hello everyone! While it's been a while since we’ve added a blog post to the Bonaventure Blog we thought this would be a great way to communicate what our plans are for the year and provide information on our newest product launches!

New Products

So far this year we have already seen 2 new products launch within our store. The first being our new Cod Value Pack. This pack is designed to help families add fish to their weekly menu while keeping a great price point and the amazing freshness that comes with all wild caught fish and seafood. As always, we work with another family run business which has quickly become a fantastic business partner and has provided us with all of the amazing quality seafood our customers have come to love. We thank our partners and we thank all of you for trusting us to provide only the best for you and your family across all of our products.

Our second new product of 2022 is our newest handcrafted Fish and Seafood Spice Mix! It is also available in 2 varieties: Original and 0% sodium! Now you might be asking why? Well seafood and fish are both typically types of food that require a steady foundation of seasonings that don’t completely overpower the dish and a big part of that is usually salt. However, we understand that just like how people are cutting sugar out of their diet, people are also cutting down on sodium, in particular people who have issues with high blood pressure. So our goal is to begin launching sodium free and sugar free varieties of our spice mixes to give people more options when it comes to their dinner table.

Now you might be asking, how different will it be from the original? Well, that’s hard to say because most people who have cut a certain ingredient out of their diets will know immediately if it is present in a dish, meal or seasoning whereas people who routinely eat salt or sugar will only feel like something might be missing so really it’ll come down to personal taste. Of course, not all of this is future proof since for example, BBQ style rubs for various meats tend to require sugar for the right caramelization to occur. This means that we will only be able to cut out sugars or salts where it won’t affect the overall result in too drastic a way or won’t provide the same meal preparation techniques.

Now of course, what does this spice mix go with? Well we've created it to be a stable base to build upon so including it into your marinades, directly as a seasoning or as a thicker rub will all work very well with this seasoning. Our blend of seasonings has been carefully made to also compliment fish as well as seafoods such as Lobster, Shrimp, Scampi and Scallops which means that whether you like a strong fish taste or no fish taste at all, this seasoning is perfect for you!

Our goals for 2022

For 2022, we plan on adding more and more great products to our store while also looking for better ways to serve everyone in the Greater Montreal Area and in particular the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area. Stay tuned for more updates on our future plans and updates regarding expanding services and of course, keep an eye out on our upcoming announcements regarding outdoor markets, holiday events and partnerships with other retailers to carry our products!

That’s all for now, we hope we managed to keep everyone in the loop and provide info on our newest products as well as our promise to keep growing to suit people’s needs. Keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon and throughout the year! Thanks for reading!

- Jonathan Tremblay 

Head of Distribution at Bonaventure

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