BBQ Beef Salami

BBQ Beef Salami


I can hear what you are thinking, “What? People put beef salami on the BBQ?”

Yes, they do, and it is delicious!  

I have to admit that my family thought it was a bit out there when I first heard about it and decided to try it. Admittedly, it throws all convention out the window, however, if you are adventurous and choose to give this a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  

First, you apply a thin layer of mustard (any mustard works fine) to the outside of a full log of beef salami. The mustard is used as an adhesive throughout the heating process.

Next, apply your favourite rub or seasonings to the outside of the log. In our house, we play with flavour combinations all the time, yet we always seem to come back to the garlic-based flavours. 

Now, to properly barbecue salami, you are gonna want to cut it into chunks. These should be roughly a half-inch to an inch thick, depending on your personal preference. What we are doing here is simply lightly grilling these pieces to not only warm them up but add a small grill or toasted flavour to them. 

Start your BBQ and keep it on low. Be prepared to only have to grill these pieces for about 5 - 10 minutes on low heat.  This is about warming the slices through as opposed to cooking them.  I like to turn them every couple of minutes to ensure an even toasting and consistent colouring.

You are done!  BBQ beef salami slices are delicious paired with eggs in the morning. They also make fabulous salami sandwiches in the  “Smoked Meat” style, or even great as-is for a quick, high-protein snack. The possibilities are endless.

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