Holiday Charcuterie Board

Holiday Charcuterie Board


Welcome to day 9 of our 12 days to Unconventional Christmas Countdown! This is it everyone, we have 2 more days ahead of us and then the big day will be here! So we thought it would be a great idea to once again talk about charcuterie boards since here at Bonaventure we always have a wide selection of Dry Cured miniature Salamis and delicious All Beef Salami. 

The holidays are the perfect time to get back to the importance of family and spending quality time with those who we may not always get to spend the most time with though they live in the same house as us. A charcuterie board is the perfect platter to put out and just get back to relaxing with family and talking about one another. 

Let’s talk about Salami

  • Cacciatore is available in both Mild or Spicy, these are also the smallest of our miniature Salamis. 

  • Sopressata is available in Hot but is a lot milder when compared to some of the hotter Salamis like the Cacciatore.

  • Salametti is one of the larger miniature Salamis and is available exclusively in Mild. 

  • Calabrese is by far the spiciest of all the miniature Salamis that we offer. It is also a larger Salami and is in a much more oval shape than any of the others.

Charcuterie boards also typically include Cheese. Some Cheeses that go extremely well with our selection of Salamis in our opinion are soft cheeses such as Brie, Boursin Cheese or even Laughing Cow cheeses work fantastically. 

Other great cheeses include really strong cheddars, Fresh mozzarella, Gouda, Provolone and, Swiss. These are of course some of our favorites so there are by far many other cheeses available out there that you can definitely mix and match with these Salamis. 

As for Holiday flavors, Cranberries are always welcome into the mix. You can also find ways to incorporate tropical flavors like a Mango salsa or many other fresh fruits like pineapple, star fruit, dragon fruit and guava just to name a few, since the sweetness will offset the spicy flavors from the Salami.

We hope you have had the time to relax and kick back a little during this holiday season. Join us tomorrow for the second to last Unconventional Christmas blog post!

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