Get ready for the Big Game!

Get ready for the Big Game!

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different foods people choose to make for the big game. That is why we are here to help! That is why today, we are going to be exploring some great food ideas to add to your game day spread, so be sure to check out our blog in full to get your next big game idea!

Today we are going to be talking about some great Game Day meal ideas that you can find right here in the bonaventure blog! So let’s get to it!

Before we get into some of the more exotic recipes, let’s talk about Charcuterie Boards for a moment since Bonaventure is currently offering 10% off all of our Dry Cured Salamis which are perfect for making Charcuterie that is fit for a Champion! So be sure to check out our Get Ready for Game Day sale! While we are on the subject, keep an eye out on our online store for new charcuterie products that will be added in the near future! Don't forget to use code TOUCHDOWN at checkout!

Now, let’s round up some of the amazing recipes that are the perfect meal or snack for during Super Bowl 55!

First, let’s begin with one of our very first blog posts, Italian Style Nachos! This recipe uses dry cured, italian salamis to put an amazing twist on a classic dish. Nachos are a great treat to have during the game since they do not take long to make and of course, you and your family can share very easily, though you may not want to after you get a taste of this delicious snack! Find this amazing recipe by clicking right Here!

Next up, a fantastic finger food that is perfect for those who want something they can hold onto while they are either celebrating their team winning or pacing around the house if their team is losing. The Smoked Meat Roll-up is the perfect combination of thinly sliced Smoked Meat and a light and puff pastry that will have you wanting more before you are even finished with the one you are holding onto. That being said you can find the recipe right Here!

Popcorn Shrimp and Coconut Shrimp have both been successfully making their way into the diets of people who claim to despise shrimp for decades which makes them both fantastic game day snack ideas, not to mention both of these options work great as finger food ideas! Just don’t forget the Thai Sweet Chili sauce on the side! Find both of these amazing recipes by clicking here for Popcorn Shrimp and here for Coconut Shrimp!

These 4 recipes are just the beginning of what The Bonaventure Blog has to offer, especially when it comes to game day so be sure to check out our Full Blog and of course, sit back and enjoy the game on Sunday! Happy Super Bowl everyone!

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